NSWA Signs Onto Industry Letter To The White House

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On March 18th , 10 national, regional, and state oil and gas associations – including NSWA and IPAA –
sent a letter to the President that was three pronged: 1) highlighted and corrected past misleading and
inaccurate statements by the President and his staff regarding readiness of the industry’s capacity on
public lands and elsewhere; 2) urged him to dial back the caustic rhetoric and actions toward the industry – particularly small and medium sized operations – that is disincentivizing the industry to work
collaboratively with the federal government; 3) expressed a desire to work together on policies and
practices toward a diversified fuel mix that will enhance our nation’s energy and national security.
The White House has not responded but the letter has received significant media coverage and Capitol
Hill interest, where it has been shared with key leaders and supporters of industry.

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