Small Oil and Gas Producers Urge Lawmakers to Keep or Amend Rebate for Unprofitable Wells

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Joe Wetz | State Impact NPR

The deadline to fund state government is rapidly approaching, and legislators are struggling to bridge a $1.3 billion budget gap. One idea is to end a tax rebate for unprofitable oil and gas wells, but small oil and gas producers say their safety net shouldn’t be used to plug the state’s budget hole.

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The Oklahoma House of Representatives is in session, and Darlene Wallace is blocking the ornate entrance to the main floor. She’s an obstacle, an oil producer — and she’s clutching a clipboard with the names of lawmakers.

She wants a word with them.

“I think we had some success speaking with the different representatives about our issue,” she says, “and some of them will see it as a tax increase.”

Wallace is talking about Senate Bill 1577, which would eliminate a tax rebate for “economically at-risk” oil and gas wells. The legislation was authored by Republican Senate President Pro Tempore Brian Bingman. He’s an oilman himself, not the usual suspect for writing a bill that lets the state keep tax money from the pockets of small oil companies, which shows the scale of the state’s budget problems.

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