NSWA supports bipartisan ‘Energy Supply and Distribution Act of 2015’

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National Stripper Well Association Chairman Mike Cantrell said today we add our voice to the growing chorus of Americans calling on Congress to allow domestic energy producers to sell their products to America’s allies and the world.

Today, the National Stripper Well Association (NSWA) continues a push to allow all domestic energy producers, stripper well producers included, greater access to the world market by allowing U.S. crude oil exports. NSWA is calling for more support of the bipartisan bill, “Energy Supply and Distribution Act of 2015,” introduced by Senators Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) and 11 others.

The “Energy Supply and Distribution Act of 2015” will open American exports of crude oil allowing domestic energy producers to compete on an international level, provide greater options to America’s allies, and strike a blow against nations who fund terrorism around the world, said NSWA Chairman and stripper well producer Mike Cantrell.

“This legislation will allow our domestic energy producers to compete with those state-owned corporations on the international market. When America competes on the world market, Americans win. The energy industry is no exception,” Cantrell said.

He said that just as many stripper well operators and companies are making massive new investments into driving this new era of abundance the same global forces that have driven world oil prices for the last 40 years are once again colluding together to stifle U.S. energy development.

“With support from Senator Murkowski, who is also Chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, this bipartisan legislation represents a serious effort to change American policy,” Cantrell said.

The domestic energy boom has put immense pressure on this sticking point of American energy policy, he said.

“Will Congress act and support increased free trade, domestic job creation, and international security for our allies? Or will we continue a 40-year old policy of isolation that empowers the cartels and foreign-owned corporations?” Cantrell said.

The NSWA and its members stand ready to support a new era of global trade market freedom, and call for Congress to end this outdated export ban that is hurting our small producers’ ability to invest in and advance domestic energy production, he said.

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