Low Oil Prices & COVID-19

Economic resources and information for marginal well producers during these unprecedented times.

NSWA knows that these are hard times for marginal well producers. With updates coming every day concerning low oil prices & COVID-19, NSWA is working hard to keep you informed! Below is a list of resources to aid your business during these unprecedented times.

Economic Resources

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Legislative Reports

Investigating Anti-dumping from Saudi Arabia & Russia

US Senator Jim Inhofe (R- OK) has submitted a letter to the Department of Commerce, signed by nine other oil and gas ...

Another Successful DC Fly-In

NSWA representatives from Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and California just completed a whirlwind two-day tour of the ...

November Election

In November, Democrats released a discussion draft of their green tax bill, the GREEN Act. It’s a sweeping energy tax ...

Update on Federal Regulations of Methane Emissions

Aindriu Colgan, NSWA VP of Governmental Affairs Last year, the Trump Administration issued a proposed reconsideration ...