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Part 1 of EPA's methane info request goes live


As we have been discussing, the Obama Administration has been moving forward with EPA overreach to regulate oil and gas producers out of business through the Clean Air Act by controlling methane emissions. This process leads off with the new and modified source rule which we discussed in August. While NSWA is aggressively fighting EPA in court, using the judicial branch for some relief, EPA continues to march forward. The current effort is an Information Collection Request (ICR) from the oil and gas industry as part of a process to develop an existing source rule for the control of methane emissions from the oil and gas sector.
EPA is taking final comments on their plan to conduct the information request from oil and gas producers. As proposed, there are two parts to this information collection effort. Part 1 is called the “Operator Survey,” designed to collect information from onshore oil and gas production facilities to better understand the number and types of equipment at production facilities. Part 2 is a “Detailed Facility Survey,” which will only be sent to selected oil and gas facilities across different industry segments.

EPA has indicated its website providing a distribution list for Part 1 of the ICR will be launched this week. Part 1 of the ICR will have a binding 30-day response period. All NSWA owners and operators should access the list when it is live to determine if EPA is sending appropriate information requests.
This massive data-mining expedition is expected to involve approximately 15,000 operators representing 698,800 oil and natural gas facilities. By EPA’s own estimate, completing the paperwork required will cost the oil and gas industry nearly 245,481 work hours for a total estimated cost of $37,692,625.
Yes, you read that right.
EPA’s effort to “survey” the industry will drain nearly $40 million out of America’s oil and gas industry, and that is before a single regulation is written. If you want learn more about what EPA is planning to survey you can do so here.

If you want to comment directly on EPA’s effort to collect this information you can do so at Regulations.gov


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