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About the National Stripper Well Association


The National Stripper Well Association was founded in 1934 as the only national association solely representing the interest's of the nation's smallest and most economically-vulnerable oil and natural gas wells before Congress, the Administration and the Federal bureaucracies.

It is the belief of NSWA that producers, owners and operators of marginally-producing oil and gas wells have a unique set of needs and concerns regarding federal legislation and regulation
As of the end of 2013, the United States had an estimated 771,000 marginal wells in production - about 410,000 oil and 361,000 natural gas wells.

Combined, these wells made up almost 20% of the total of all oil and natural gas produced domestically (11.3% oil and 8.3% natural gas).
Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission

Our Members

  • Members of NSWA are the small independent businessmen and women who own stripper well properties producing 15 barrels of oil, or 90 Mcf of natural gas, or less, per day. They are the "family farmers" of the United States energy sector.

  • The typical NSWA member company employs 11 full-time employees or less.

  • Close to 160,000 American jobs are dependent on stripper well production activities - approximately 10 jobs per $1 million of production.

  • Since 2002, stripper wells have contributed $295 billion to overall United States production in the form of 2.9 billion barrels of oil and 18.8 billion cubic feet of natural gas.

If all stripper wells were plugged and abandoned ...

the lost output in direct production, and indirect and induced economic effects, would total $52.4 billion with 241,733 jobs lost.
Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission