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Pro-drillers Claim Science Is On Their Side

September 15, 2010
On the south side of Washington  Street, anti-drilling activists sounded off on fears hydraulic fracturing could poison the water supply. The pro-drillers on the other end of the road said these ideas aren’t grounded in good science

“These people are science illiterates,” said Paul Saunders, a landowner from Bethlehem , Pa. “They’re spouting off all kinds of things that they know nothing about.”

Saunders argued fears about water contamination are driven by “emotional hysteria with no scientific validity,” and said he doesn’t even bother to try and reason with his opponents.

Landowner Susan Dorsey agreed, saying hydraulic fracturing would not result in methane migrating through tiny fissures in the rock  to the water supply, almost a mile north near the earth’s surface.

“If it’s so easy to get through that mile of rock, that gas would no longer be there,” said Susan Dorsey. “It would have escaped a long time ago.”