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Congress and Trump have begun reversing multiple Obama rules on the environment — and more

Juliet Eilperin and Chelsea Harvey | The Washington Post

President Trump made clear Wednesday his intention to sign five resolutions aimed at overturning Obama administration rules on a variety of issues, including one dealing with methane emissions released from oil and gas operations on federal land and another requiring federal contractors to self-certify that they comply with U.S. labor laws.

A Statement of Administration Policy issued by the White House underscores the extent to which Republicans are prepared to undo several key rules enacted in the months before President Barack Obama left office. If he signs off on the rollbacks, Trump will be the first president in 16 years to sign legislation using the Congressional Review Act to overturn federal regulation. The act gives Congress a limited period of time to nullify federal regulations after they’ve been finalized.

While the act has been in place for more than 20 years, only one rule, a ergonomics regulation adopted under President Bill Clinton, has ever been nullified.

On Wednesday, the House passed two resolutions largely along party lines to overturn Obama-era rules. One resolution, which passed 231 to 191, would reverse new Securities and Exchange Commission requirements that oil, gas and mining companies divulge more information about business payments they make to foreign governments. A second, adopted by a vote of 228 to 194, would overturn an Interior Department regulation barring coal-mining companies from conducting any activities that could permanently pollute streams and other sources of drinking water.

“The Administration strongly supports the actions taken by the House to begin to nullify unnecessary regulations imposed on America’s businesses,” the White House statement reads. “The regulations that the House is voting to overturn under the Congressional Review Act have established burdensome compliance regulations that force jobs out of our communities and discourage doing business in the United States.” Full Story.