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Despite downturn, Ohioís oil and gas industry more important than ever

Dayton Business Journal
Rhonda Reda, Executive Director, Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program

There is no question, itís tough times for Ohioís oil and gas industry. Prices for crude oil and natural gas are at their lowest levels in decades. The downturn in prices and drilling activity has caused many people to ask the questions: Is Ohioís oil and gas industry still a major contributor to our local economy? How important in this industry to the average Ohioan? The answers are unequivocally yes and in fact more important now than ever.

As energy, economics and jobs dominate the headlines, a homegrown industry continues to supply these benefits to the Buckeye State. Ohio has a long and proud oil and gas history. In fact, Ohioís oil and gas industry has been producing crude oil and natural gas from various geological formations beneath our feet for more than 150 years. Full Story