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Local invention solves long-time stripper well issue

Mark Daniels | KSEN-AM1150

Local entrepreneur Pete Woods of Chester was looking for a way to save some time on the number of trips he had to make to service his stripper wells near the Sweetgrass Hills.   It’s about a 40-mile trip from his home in Chester and he told KSEN that he rarely went to sleep at night not thinking that he should have checked the “stuffing box,” which is the most used piece of equipment currently being used for the same purpose.

Woods polish rod seal has several advantages over the current seal.  A set of grooves inside the main casing creates a grease reservoir and keeps rubber seals lubricated where a typical stuffing box lubricates the rubber to the point that the grease runs out, causing rubber to dry out and heat up while rubbing against steel. That builds heat, burns out the rubber and up comes the oil from inside the well.
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