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Inhofe Wants EPA to Report Economic Impact of Regulations

Laura Barron-Lopez | The Hill

09 January 2014

Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) introduced an amendment to the Senate's extension of unemployment benefits that would require the Environmental Protection Agency report the economic impacts of any new regulations.

The debate over unemployment benefits has occupied the Senate since the start of the new year, making it the perfect time, in Inhofe's eyes, to tack on the rider.

"While the President likes to tout that the economy is recovering, behind closed doors his administration is creating regulations that are stifling innovation, production and job creation," Inhofe said in a statement last week.

"Under the Obama Administration, the EPA has finalized countless regulations affecting every industry and preventing millions of American jobs from being created."

"My amendment is a common-sense solution to help bring an end to our long-term unemployment crisis and to bring much-needed transparency to the EPA's reckless regulatory policies," he added.

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