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Safe Fracking? Kansas Strong Goes Mobile

Adam Pulley | ksn.com
Aug 19, 2013

WICHITA – Among the environmentalist community, “fracking” is considered a dirty word. So the organization Kansas Strong is hitting the road in a mobile truck to spread their message that the process is safe.

The process of fracking shoots water and a chemical concoction deep into the ground to loosen rock and free up oil deposits.

Kansas Strong says fracking has been used in Kansas for years.

“Oil is not a dirty word,” says Dick Schremmer, of the Kansas Strong Board of Directors. “There is a big stir about fracking, but we’ve been fracking in Kansas since 1947 and we’ve never had a case of water pollution and no place else in the United States that has ever fracked oil has had a legitimate complaint about water pollution.

The Kansas Strong mobile truck is part of their educational outreach program.