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Senate Contacts

UrgeSenate staff contacts—emails and phone numbers:  MOST SENATE EMAILS HAVE AN UNDERSCORE BETWEEN FIRST AND LAST NAME

Sen. Evan Bayh:
Scott Morrison:  scott_morrison@bayh.senate.gov  202-224-5623
Charlie Salem (Chief of Staff); Charlie_salem@bayh.senate.gov

Sen. Mark Begich:
Michael Johnson:  Michael_johnson@begich.senate.gov
Leslie Ridle (Deputy Chief of Staff);  leslie_ridle@begich.senate.gov 202-224-3004

Sen. Michael Bennet (CO):
Sean Babington:  sean_babington@bennet.senate.gov  202-224-5852
Guy Cecil (Chief of Staff)  guy_cecil@bennet.senate.gov

Sen. Conrad:
Joe McGarvey:  joe_mcgarvey@conrad.senate.gov  202-224-2043
Sara Garland (Chief of Staff); sara_garland@conrad.senate.gov 

Sen. Byron Dorgan:
Franz Wuerfmannsdobler:  franzw@appro.senate.gov 202-224-5303

Sen. Tim Johnson:
Matt Thornblad; matt_thornblad@johnson.senate.gov  202-224-5842
Drey Samuelson (Chief of Staff) drey_samuleson@johnson.senate.gov

Sen. Landrieu:
Thomas Michels:  Thomas_michels@landrieu.senate.gov  202-224-5824
Jane Champbell (Chief of Staff)  jane_campbell@landrieu.senate.gov

Sen. Lincoln:
Julie Barkemeyer;  Julie_barkemeyer@lincoln.senate.gov  202-224-4843
Anna Taylor;  anna_taylor@lincoln.senate.gov
Elizabeth Burks (Chief of Staff):  Elizabeth_burks@lincoln.senate.gov

Sen. Ben Nelson: 
Erick Lutt;   erick_lutt@bennelson.senate.gov  202-224-6551
Tim Becker (Chief of Staff)  tim_becker@bennelson.senate.gov

Sen. Mark Pryor:
Stephen Lehrman; Stephen_lehrman@pryor.senate.gov 202-224-2353
Andy York (Chief of Staff); andy_york@pryor.senate.gov

Sen. Mark Udall:
Wendy Adams;  wendy_adams@markudall.senate.gov; 202-224-5941
Mike Sozan (Chief of Staff); mike_sozan@markudall.senate.gov