The smallest oil and natural gas producers have enjoyed NSWA’s advocacy on a national level for over 85 years. We have a strong advocacy arm with a VP of Governmental Affairs dedicated to protecting your rights in Washington, D.C. NSWA's goal is to have your voice heard on a national level.

Important Issues

NSWA doesn’t represent Big Oil. We don’t represent offshore companies or even those corporations with refining interest. No matter the issue, NSWA aggressively represents the best and unique interest of the small businessmen and women of the marginal oil and natural gas industry.

Percentage Depletion

The Senate Committee on Finance passed the percentage depletion allowance on February 11, 1926, after extensive debate. Since 1954, all minerals produced or mined in the United States have been able to use percentage depletion. Percentage depletion is a tax provision that allows oil and natural gas producers to recoup some of the costs involved in exploring for and producing oil and natural gas. 

President-elect Biden is planning to "get rid of subsidies for fossil fuels" which would include the elimination of the percentage depletion allowance for oil and natural gas producers. Elimination of percentage depletion would cause an economic ripple effect because of the change in incentives for the many small, independent oil and natural gas producers, and their royalty owners.  

Read more about percentage depletion and our fight to keep it here.

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Legislative Reports

NSWA supports bipartisan ‘Energy Supply and Distribution Act of 2015’

National Stripper Well Association Chairman Mike Cantrell said today we add our voice to the growing chorus of Americans...

Vice President, Governmental Affairs

Chris Kearney

Chris Kearney

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Chris Kearney, with The Ferguson Group, joined NSWA in Fall 2020.

He is a public policy and governmental affairs professional with over thirty years of government and private sector experience in the energy, environment, and natural resource arenas, having held senior positions in the executive branch, the US Senate and House, and the electric utility industry. His policy areas of expertise include, but are not limited to oil and gas, energy and environment related matters, NEPA, the Endangered Species Act, and the federal budget.

Drawn from his many years of service on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, Chris possesses a deep and broad knowledge of the federal legislative process, the importance of the state and local -federal relationship, and a thorough understanding of executive branch policy and regulatory development -- with a particular focus on the Departments of Energy and Interior as well as the White House Council on Environmental Quality, and the Office of Management and Budget.

Chris maintains a network of contacts across Capitol Hill, the administration, organizations that do business with the federal government, and key business sectors across the nation, including oil and gas, the electric utility industry, and the sportsmen’s community.

Chris has a strong commitment to the philosophy that, in their statements, actions, and decisions, the federal government should be guided by a belief that they are partners with those they serve, both in the public and private sector.

NSWA Political Action Committee

NSWA prides itself on being a bipartisan group that works with both sides of the aisle to accomplish our goal - protecting the small businesses of our members. With the generous contributions of our members, we can create various avenues and continue promoting and protecting America's small oil and gas producers and our way of life.

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