The smallest oil and natural gas producers have enjoyed NSWA’s advocacy on a national level for over 85 years. We have a strong advocacy arm with a VP of Governmental Affairs dedicated to protecting your rights in Washington, D.C. NSWA's goal is to have your voice heard on a national level.

Important Issues

NSWA doesn’t represent Big Oil. We don’t represent offshore companies or even those corporations with refining interest. No matter the issue, NSWA aggressively represents the best and unique interest of the small businessmen and women of the marginal oil and natural gas industry.

Percentage Depletion

The Senate Committee on Finance passed the percentage depletion allowance on February 11, 1926, after extensive debate. Since 1954, all minerals produced or mined in the United States have been able to use percentage depletion. Percentage depletion is a tax provision that allows oil and natural gas producers to recoup some of the costs involved in exploring for and producing oil and natural gas.

The President's 2015 budget proposal and several comprehensive tax reform drafts from leaders of the House of Representatives have called for the elimination of the percentage depletion allowance for oil and natural gas producers. Elimination of percentage depletion would cause an economic ripple effect because of the change in incentives for the many small, independent oil and natural gas producers, and their royalty owners. 

Read more about percentage depletion and our fight to keep it here.

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Vice President, Governmental Affairs


Aindriu Colgan

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Aindriu Colgan, with the Ferguson Group (TGF), joined NSWA in 2017.  Prior to joining TFG, Aindriu worked as Legislative Director for Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady, where he developed expertise in tax, energy, and fiscal policy.

Aindriu was integral in passing 2015’s permanent tax extenders package (the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act), which included the permanent State and Local Sales Tax Deduction, the permanent Research and Development Tax Credit, and reforms to the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA) to encourage more foreign investment in US commercial real estate.  He also helped Chairman Brady build and lead the successful effort to repeal the ban on crude oil exports.

Additionally, he worked with state and local public servants and retirement systems to develop a bipartisan, cost-neutral solution to the disastrous Windfall Elimination Provision.  This 30-year-old formula punished public servants in states like Texas, California, Massachusetts, and Ohio for having two careers—one in the public sector and another in the private sector.  The solution Aindriu helped develop, the Equal Treatment of Public Servants Act, will finally award public servants with the full retirement benefits they earned.

Aindriu completed his Masters with Distinction in international history at the London School of Economics and Political Science.  He completed his Bachelor’s degree cum laude at Dartmouth College in Economics and Classical Languages and Literature (Honors).  He also competed for four years as a member of Dartmouth’s Varsity Heavyweight Rowing team. 

He lives with his wife, Jennifer, in Washington DC.

NSWA Political Action Committee

NSWA prides itself on being a bipartisan group that works with both sides of the aisle to accomplish our goal - protecting the rights of our members. With the generous contributions of our members, we can create various avenues and continue promoting and protecting America's small oil and gas producers and our way of life.

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