2023 Producer’s Roundtable

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Thank you to everyone who has joined us. A special thank you to our speakers and sponsors who made these valuable discussions possible. 

Special Guests:

JANUARY 25th: Converting Flare Gas into Grid Power from Innoverse Technologies

  • Zach Bowman, CEO, Innoverse Technologies
  • Paul Kirch, Innoverse Technologies
  • Chris Kearney, NSWA VP for Governmental Affairs

MAY 17th: The Squeeze: Increasing Focus on Methane

Special Guests:

  • Jonathan Behymer, Rose Rock Environmental Services, LLC
  • Eric Ward, Rose Rock Environmental Services, LLC

Click here to download the presentation: The Squeeze: Increasing Focus on Methane

JULY 18th: Reserve Evaluations – What data is necessary and what do the results mean?

Special Guest:

  • J.P. Dick, Pinnacle Energy Services, LLC

AUGUST 30th: A New Economic Yardstick for Today’s Late-Life Production: Holdback

Special Guest:

  • Dewayne Purvis, Purvis Energy Advisors

SEPTEMBER 13th: Methane

Special Guest:

  • Mandy Gunasekara, Section VII Strategies

October 11th:

Special Guest:

  • Marcus Neese, Electric Submersible Pumps, LLC

NOVEMBER 15th: The Impacts of AI on Industry

Special Guest:

  • Jay Scambler
  • Jordan Waldenville 

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